Those other layouts:)

Here are the other layouts from my break away in Hanmer.

I have firmly secured my place as as ‘retreat or crop day’ scapper only.

In between I do Project Life.

I feel totally happy and at peace with that. Through Project Life I stay up-to-date and current with my photos and stories, and when I have more time I create ‘art for arts sake’:)

imageUsing up an ‘older’ paper range and scrapping older photos. Good to get this one done and happy with end result. Used my Reeves Modeling Paste(rather than texture paste or gel) – loved its application, smooth low profile and ability to easily adhere papers over the top. Also loved the almost immediate drying of the product, without too much paper distortion. At approx.$8 from Warehouse Stationary, this product gets a big thumbs up from me:)

image Soft and simple layout using Teresa Collins ‘Save the date’ papers.image

Always a dilemma whether or not to journal on layouts. In the past it has not been a strong-point of mine. But I like to scrap those photos those photos that tell a story. Not just the pretty ones. So you got to journal, otherwise they are just random pics right??!!lol
image And then sometimes I just scrap the pretty ones;) I was very impressed that everything in this layout turned out just the way I pictured it in my head – even those sideways drips of mist! That doesn’t happen to me very often – in fact this may be a first in 10years of scrapping!!imageAnother old one – ‘it’s o.kay’ and it’s done. I dislike the background – which didn’t turn out as I imagined…
imageMy Mum on her last visit with us:)imageGlen at our ‘Costas’ – our traditional Valentines Day restaurant:) I just wanted to use that Silhouette background cut;)

imageMore Teresa Collins papers. ‘He said/She said’imageAnd the last word from my kids:) this layout could easily be sub.titled ‘Keeping Mum happy’.

My kids are great friends, and still both kiss and hug Glen and I goodnight. So I tease them to say goodnight to each other…finally they have settled on the ‘handshake/shoulder pat’ goodnight and think it’s a great joke:)

The beating of my heart…

A week of chest pains, heart flutters and odd breathing led me to being wide awake at about 5am the Monday morning before last.

And aware that Glen was too.

Just as I’d been congratulating myself over the weekend that things were subsiding, and I’d probably just had ‘gastric pains’, things got worse again, and I suddenly remembered that the cocktail of painkillers and other meds I have been taking this year, do come with a few dire warnings…

So Glen and I had a wee chat and decided the safest course of action was a wee trip into the Accident and Emergency Department in the early hours.

I suggested that he just dropped me off and went to work. Frankly I think he was just keen to have the morning off work though;)

Luckily A&E was deserted – so of course there was only a short 30min wait(!!!)lol

During this time I watched a VERY engrossing infomercial on 101 uses for soya sauce – with a scrolling message along the bottom of the screen ‘chest pain is a medical emergency that needs immediate attention – call 111’lol

Luckily they took me in just as the second round of ┬áthe ‘soya sauce’ marathon was about to start.

The nurse and myself got intimate pretty quick as they hooked me up to all the monitering gear;) My heart behaved nicely for the six hours I spent there. My chest x-ray was normal. My bloods were ‘beautiful’ apparently.

And my pulse rate only set off the alarms twice. Twice. While lying there doing nothing.

Another one of those times when I realised that I watch far too much TV.

No-one rushed into my cubicle to check on me. No paddles or crash cart were wheeled in.

Merely absent-minded ‘oh that was you’ when they came to do obs!!lol

Well then…

People came and went around me.

The Alcoholic that was coming off a 10day bender in the cubicle beside me, didn’t get the tea and bikkies she seemed so deperate for, but eventually did get a one-off dose of Diazepam – even though they told her ‘No’ – tut, tut..

Luckily the guy wheeled in wearing a neck-brace after a work-place accident, walked out smiling:)

After getting me to swallow Anesthetic shots and getting some relief, they decided my symptoms were probably gastric and I needed further testing. Which THEY could not send me for…a GP has to request them…so they wrote to my GP to ask her to request them…tests done back at the hospital…is that a weird system or what?? Even they rolled their eyes over that one!!

And yes, no matter how fast I threw back those shots, my WHOLE mouth was anesthetized too!!lol – just luvverly…

So I was eventually released back out to the A&E waiting room, where I had to wait for Glen to go and get the car from where he had had to park 15minutes walk away – because of earthquakes and renovations Christchurch Hospital has NO onsite parking, NO street parking outside, and NO car-park building opposite anymore. Not even emergency parking for the A&E! They used to, but now thats cordoned off..

Luckily, I was able to be entertained by ‘Amazing Soya Sauce Woman’ round 2, on the TV while I waited…

So that was the kick off of my week last week.

Just a wee surprise outing for me and Glen.

No more complaining that I don’t wake him in the early hours and take him on spontaneous trips…


A crafty moment:)

Less than a month back into this thing and I am already walking the ‘bad blogger’ line:(

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks – well, thats the story I’m sticking with ok?!lol

Amongst other things, busy getting ready for a scrappy break away with two of my best girls, Anne and Nic:):) some of the best kind of busy:)

Over our time away I created 13.75 layouts.

I really tried to make it 14, because 13 is unlucky right?? But in the end I gave up.

On the morning we were leaving to go, I jumped out of bed and had the great inspiration to create this layout. While packing up my stuff I was ummming and ahhhing about the possibilities of quickly cutting the background on my Silhouette…

EXCEPT…the words ‘quick’ and ‘silhouette’ do NOT seem to go together!

So…I pulled up my big girl knickers and actually did like real scrappers do and cut the blimmin thing by hand! And lived to tell the tale…even I was impressed;)lol


Fortunately you can’t really tell but I had to re-glue and colour the top right-hand corner of the photo where the date is. I glazed the date and then went to dry it with the heat gun. The photo ‘exploded’ and delaminated almost instantly:(

It is printed on the new, supposedly eco-friendly Fuji paper:( I noticed immediately when my local print shop changed to this. The colours are different. Much whiter. The prints are flimsy. The surface is slightly tacky. The Matte finish is really a semi-gloss. They are not robust. If you accidentally touch the surface with anything – tough – its never coming off!

I know I’m supposed to care about the environment and all – but holy moly, I hate these prints! Just give me my old ones back please!

So be warned folks, anyone using Fuji machines and paper will now have these prints:(


Mitchell always seems to be a ‘winner’ in the layout stakes when I scrap these days.

Could be that he’s the only child who actually does much photo-worthy stuff these days. Or just that I spend the most time around him.

Times they are a-changing:)

So here’s the others I did of him.




I liked that one the best:)

More Mobility

You may or may not know that I have been struggling with an extremely painful heel over the past six months. It just came on, and has steadily got worse and worse.

Sometimes it goes almost numb and I can walk slowly on it; other times I can only hobble between furniture:(

I have seen doctors, podiatrists and muscular skeletal specialists. Not one of them has been particularly helpful, sympathetic or pro-active. At best I have got blood tests and a referral for a foot x-ray “which probably won’t show up anything” I’m told. Because apparently stress fractures don’t…

So after a bit of research I decided to take matters into my own hands. Treat myself.

‘It’s not what others can do for you, it’s what you can do for yourself’

So, I am now wearing a moonboot, and I have more crutches and walking aids than I can use at any one time;)


The crutches are actually the big winner – just taking the pressure off, and allowing me to turn freely etc are BIG bonuses. The downside of these are having to cart them around, and then lean them somewhere close wherever you sit etc. You also become about twice as wide, so fitting around stuff, especially at home, is a challenge.

You can’t carry anything while you are using crutches – however – because they are fore-arm crutches, you can let go to get things off shelves and work at the kitchen bench right?…Wrong!…the handle of the crutches prevents you getting anywhere near what you want…quite a comedy act I tell you!lol

And of course there’s the wee issue of taking all that weight on my poor arthritic shoulder…but let’s not even think about that…

So then we get to the moon boot.

Besides being an extremely fashionable accessory….ahhh, wrong again!…who ever thought about the constant velcro sound that would travel with you everywhere you went when wearing it???

That’s me – Velcro Woman!!

And being short, and having your right foot in a moon boot…going to the loo, getting up off the couch, doing anything requiring right-foot control(driving, sewing etc), picking up things, reaching down low….all become a huge mission…

Tomorrow I have finally got a hospital appointment for nerve testing to try and sort the constant tingling I have got in both hands and arms. That problem I have had for nearly two years. It is at public hospital. Trouble is getting there, parking, and maneovering my way round the building.

All fun and games, until someone loses an eye…lol

If I was a horse, they would have shot me long before now…



The school permission slip no parent should have to sign.


The one allowing my son to be taken to the cemetry to visit his dead friends grave on the anniversary of her death:(

The super bright, funny, gorgeous girl who meant so much to him.

The girl he had planned a future with.

One of his best friends.

The girl who got cancer.

The girl who never got to turn 16.

The girl who he never thought would die.

Who did anyway.

Kids should not get cancer. Kids should not die. It should be an unwritten rule:(


Breaking the drought…

After one VERY long break from blogging, I have decided that this is  the place I want to be at the moment:)

It seems that blogging has not died as predicted, and I myself am experiencing new interest in exploring other peoples blogs too:)

I am growing tired of the superficial chitchat that happens on facebook etc. I have so much stuff that I am just no longer sharing with most, and I wonder what is happening with other folks. I am feeling disconnected:(

So here I am back here. Hoping to find a little re-connection. Or at the very least, give myself a place to chat:)




Hello My Name is…

Every now and then a product range comes along that is just right – ‘practically perfect in every way’:)

For me that range is Teresa Collins – Hello My Name Is Collection.


Timing is everything they say, and I am having a major love affair this year with the Black/White/Red/Neutral-yellow combo.

And lo and behold a whole kit came on the market. A Teresa Collins kit at that!

I have long been a fan of Teresa Collins:) I love the quality and feel of her stuff, and I love all the bits and peices she puts out with every range.

All of a sudden I find myself scrapping again. Going to crop days, scrapping with friends, keeping up date with my Project Life album, and a four day retreat ahead – less than two months and counting:)

For the past few years my house has been full of house-guests and busy with EQC repairs, house-fires and drama. But not this year. Well, different dramas;);) but I am finding the head-space necessary to be a bit more creative. Who knows how long that will last?lol

It’s always handy to have a few cards on hand. Aaaand I’ve got heaps of scraps to make them with…but my new papers were sooooo distracting…so I used them instead!lol

imageOoops! Heehee! Aint those wee typewriters cute!


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